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Finish obtained by sawing with disc saws. The stone surface shows more or less pronounced curvilinear grooves produced by sawing discs.

Granito Serrado


The process is identical to polishing, not only being applied to finer grain abrasive and heads of felt. The resulting surface is smooth but matt appearance.

Granito Amaciado


The surface becomes smooth, brilliant and reflects light. Is obtained by the action of rotary heads rubbing the surface of the stone with abrasive granulometry smaller, finished with felt heads.

Granito Polido


This finish is achieved by the abrasive impact on the surface of a sand blasting high pressure. The slim and regular homogenous, you get, have great ornamental interest.

Granito Jateado


Rough and uneven surface obtained either manually by means of wedges or chisels or by means of wedges provided hydraulic presses.

Granito Escacilhado

Shot Blasted

It is obtained automatically, striking the rock with steel balls. The blasted finish may be finer or coarser depending on the diameter of the balls used.

Granito Granalado


Produced through the stone from exposure to high temperatures, makes the anti-slip surfaces at the same time lessens the original color of the material.

Granito Flamejado


Leather finish is obtained through abrasive brushes, making the silky material, but remaining its rustic appearance.

Granito Escovado